Ferrous and non-ferrous waste

Cable waste

Electric waste

Ferrous and non-ferrous waste


  • Manufacturing of heavy scrap iron by help of flame cutting machines and cutters to prepare suitable dimensions to be put as melting charge into furnaces
  • Light scrap iron packing and bundling into walls being 6mm thick in an appropriate bundling press
  • Dismantling and sorting of mixed waste and technological facilities and equipment containing plastics, ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Disposal of power generating units (transformer stations, exchanger stations etc.) and telecommunication switching stations
  • Processing of technologic metal and plastic waste and preparation thereof  for subsequent utilization
  • Metal waste buy-out from natural persons and legal entities


  • Provision of transportation
  • Container services
  • Material treatment in the place of the object recycling occurrence



  • Production / manufacturing waste
  • Machinery facilities
  • Agricultural technique
  • and further objects containing ferrous and non-ferrous metals



  • According to the weight, type of material and the up-to-date published pricelist


(Due to alteration of notice No. 383/2001 Coll., “on particulars of waste treatment”, natural persons have been prohibited to be paid cash for bought-out metal since March 1, 2015. The only possible way how to pay for will be cashless payment.)