About us

The firm RECYKLO i.e. was founded in 1993. Since the very beginning, the firm’s main business activity have been procurement, preparation and homogenisation of granulate gained from cable polyvinyl chloride. The granulate is utilized as an input raw material to produce floor coverings and component parts of traffic signs in the sister company REPLAST PRODUKT, spol. s r. o., everything in the recycling method.

Cable waste

As subsequent large number of supplies of high quality input raw material of cable PVC are needed for the firm REPLAST PRODUKT i.e. particular technological facilities and equipment were built step by step to recycle completely electric and communication cables inclusive an option to carry out an after-cleaning of insulating cable waste from recycling centres.

All those activities are wholly carried out in a “dry-based method” (based on electromagnetic and vibration principles) which compared to a “wet-based method” is much more ecological and efficient. With strong electric cables we also make use of the processing alternative by application of special undoing machines.

Just thanks to the chance of the 100% material utilization that had been obtained by recycling of cable waste inclusive cable insulation the company Recyklo has been the unique processor of cable waste in the Czech Republic and thanks to the quantities of processed stuff amounting to more than 8.000 tons per year it has also been the GREATES REPROCESSOR OF CABLE PVC IN THE WORLD.

Electronic scrap

This activity is the most progressively developing area of waste processing being focused on extracting of precious metals and their alloys which in final appearance of investment ingots are sold by the sister company AURICOM i.e. afterwards.

The main resources of those materials are disabled computers, communication, automotive and military technology facilities and equipment. We co-operate on the metallurgic and chemical processing of that waste with lots of inland and European firms.

It is possible to process up to 100 tons of electric scrap within a month.

Ferrous and non- ferrous metals waste

The last business activity of the company Recyklo is recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous waste or scrap whereas those metals go though dismantling procedure first and then through sorting one into categories and processing for further utilization thereof. On the other hand light scrap iron is being packed and bundled into walls of 6mm thickness in an appropriate bundling press for its further processing.

Large power generating equipment such as transformer stations, exchanger ones and others are processed in the same way as well.

It is possible to process up to 300 to 500 tons of ferrous and non-ferrous metals within a month.


Entire waste is bought out from legal entities as well as natural persons, always according to the weight, metal content and the up-to-date published pricelist.